Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prayer Requests & Praises

       It was great to see you all this morning.  Here is the list of the prayer requests and praises for the week.  Please keep these in the front of your mind this week.

Prayer Requests
*Mrs. Betty & Mr. Tom
*Casey T. (recovering from open heart surgery)
*Gracee's sister Lauren is sick
*Savannah's mom's job
*Megan's back and puppy
* Mrs. Nicole-school
*T.J.'s baseball practice and fishing trip
*Luke-they have a good day
*Shane's mom-safe trip back and grandma
*T.J.-this Thursday he has pre-op before his surgery on October 4th (removal of tonsils & adnoids)
*October 3rd Dylan's family is signing on a house
*Derrick's mom was in a car accident last week hurting her back
*Casey's grandfather
*Taylor-was in a car accident and she busted open her stitches and chipped her knee cap
*Bailey's family-her aunt passed away yesterday

*We beat the Wolves
*T.J.'s grandmother will be bringing him treats for after his surgery
*Mrs. Nicole was voted the Teacher of the Year at her school

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paint me the color of love

I just hope you all realize how much Mr. Bill loves ya!  This is me after painting the ceiling in our room as well as the walls!  Party on guys - soon we will have a sweet painted FUN room!!!!  It's coming I promise.  :-)