Friday, October 21, 2011

Circle of Prayers

       Over the last couple of weeks on both Wednesday night and Sunday mornings we have been taking turns and praying for one another's prayer requests.  This has been a sweet time.  We can tell that we definitely have some prayer warriors in our class!  Please remember to prayer for one another and we hope to see on Sunday morning!!!

Prayer Requests
*Megan's knee, ear, arm, unspoken
*Levi's mom-new job, family in PA, sister Hailey is still sick, safe travels for dad, kittens that were found
*Mr. Tom
*T.J.'s hunting trip in Texas, arm, sister is moving to Nashville and looking for a job and a roommate
*Ehab's dogs are not getting along
*Tamer's aunt traveling from D.C. in November, his friend's knee, unspoken, sister at school
*Derrick's grandma-traveling from Tampa
*Dylan's throat, knee and game on Saturday
*Savannah's cousin Jordan can have a great time together
*Mrs. Amber's sister-in-law Trish (lump)
*Brian-comfort and safe travels after the passing of his sister in Ohio
*Mrs. Karen & Josh
*Casey's mom-work
*Shane-head, mom
*Friday night's game-safety

*T.J.'s surgery went well and he is recory well
*Derrick's aunt's birthday went well
*Volleyball team beat Bolles
*Middle School team only lost one game

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